Whether it be preschool, high-school, or graduation from college, graduation is a great accomplishment and should be celebrated. When planning a graduation party, there are a few things that should be considered to ensure the party goes off without a hitch. Though a graduation party can be quite formal with a sit-down dinner, many opt instead for a barbecue/cookout or even easier is an open-house party. This allows guests to drop in and out during a set time frame. An open-house allows for many guests to be invited, yet the party can be laid back and relaxed, allowing all to have a good time.

When planning an open-house party, it’s important to have an idea how many guests will be attending. By requesting guests RSVP their intentions to the host, hopefully, there will be an indication of how many people to expect. Most open-house parties offer an array of buffet foods. In fact, some invitations may request that the guest brings a dish to share. Usually, buffet foods include simple to serve meats, such as chicken wings, meatballs or even cold cuts for sandwiches. Cold salads and vegetable platters along with a graduation cake or cupcakes usually round out the meal.

When planning a graduation party, it’s also very important to have enough party supplies. Many party stores carry graduation supplies such as plates, cups, napkins and plastic ware in either a graduation motif or school colors. Streamers and balloons are always welcome decorations to make the party festive. One very popular party idea that lends a fun, yet sophisticated touch to the party is a Hawaiian lei for the graduate. When choosing a florist to purchase a lei for the guest of honor, With Our Aloha offers gorgeous fresh flower Hawaiian leis. Traditionally their leis are made with dendrobium orchids, but leis are available in a variety of other flowers, vines and leaves, and range from simple to elaborate.

A fresh flower lei is a simple way to send a special sentiment to the graduate, yet it’s easy for the party host. The lei can be shipped directly to the location, with one to two-day shipping, usually arriving the day of the party. Because it’s packed at the height of freshness, the lei will stay fresh for days, ensuring it will be thoroughly enjoyed.

The party is sure to be a success with good friends and good food, along with special touches to let the graduate know just how proud everyone is of their accomplishment. The party is the perfect way for everyone to enjoy the day and celebrate this great milestone.